Part II: Training for CCMs

Essential to the success of a Congregational Care Ministry, are the Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs).

After a brief introduction of instructors and overview of the CCM Model of Care, this training picks up where Part 1 of the Basic CCM Training leaves off and provides the foundational training for Congregational Care Ministers in the areas of theology, prayer, listening & spiritual guidance, visitation, and care for the dying. These topics are found in Part 2 (Chapters 6-11) in The Caring Congregation Ministry: Implementation Guide written by Rev. Karen Lampe a is the basis for this training.

About This Course

This course provides the essential training for Congregational Care Ministers who are the backbone of an effective care ministry.

Instructors: Rev. Melissa Gepford (introduction only) and Rev. Karen Lampe who co-authored the books used in this training.

Recommended Textbooks for this course:

Includes approx. 5 hours of professional video content plus handouts and other materials (excludes textbooks).

Student will have 90 days access to the course.