Theological Foundations

The foundation for an effective care ministry is a consistent theology that reflects not only a depth of understanding of the denominational standards but also is ethical and thoughtful for the particular needs of the people in the community. Care ministers play important theological roles and it is important to train them on best practices that consider not only scripture but reason, tradition, and experiences to address current day needs of our church community.

This training is based on the topic of Theology covered in Rev. Karen Lampe's Basic CCM Training Course and Chapter 6 in her book The Caring Congregation Ministry: Implementation Guide which is the basis of this training. It is a perfect refresher course for any new or existing care minister needing training in this area. It includes 1 hour of professional video and related handouts, resources, and materials.

About This Course

This course covers one of the essential topics in the training for Congregational Care Ministers who are the backbone of an effective care ministry.

Course instructor: Rev. Karen Lampe, founder of the CCM model of care and author of the books used in this training.

Recommended Books for this course:

Student will have 30 days access to the course.